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I'm a problem-solver to the core. Whether I'm writing an article, designing and developing software, illustrating a concept, educating my two children on a topic, taking a picture, or just doing a crossword, I love the challenge. This is a place for me to showcase some of my resulting solutions, mostly in the form of writing and photography.

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Recent Articles

I like figuring out how to explain difficult concepts in simple terms. These long-form pieces usually involve a bit of research or structured thinking. I write about topics which interest me, which covers a lot of ground.

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Since 2018, I've curated and written over 100 issues of a newsletter on startup-related news for Toronto. I feel there are many people who might want to turn their idea into a startup, but shy away from taking their first steps. I think about those people when I write my newsletter, which I send out to 4500+ subscribers every week. If you know someone in the GTA who could do with some encouragement delivered to their inbox, get them to sign up.